Our Story

Mezzie + Frank is the success story of two Queensland women with a background in homewares, interiors and a passion for upcycling furniture.  Identifying an uprising in recycling and repurposing old furniture and a return to bespoke crafts in the marketplace, they found a wanting for colours more suited to the Australian décor and lifestyle.  The typical offerings in Australia were traditional subdued colours with very little for contemporary Australian style.

So with a vision, they embarked on developing their own range of chalk effects paint and created a home grown brand to offer the Australian marketplace and to rival the international competitors.

Today with stockists Australia wide and growing, the brand has established a network of outlets where those keen to know more than just basic painting techniques, can hone their skills in more sophisticated decorative techniques.

Mezzie + Frank is manufactured right here in Australia at a boutique paint factory and formulated using environmentally friendly ingredients where possible. One of the things that makes it so popular, is that it requires little surface preparation and will adhere to most surfaces!

Everyone loves to use Mezzie + Frank because it can transform any dated piece of furniture with ease, speed and a sense of achievement.  It’s eco friendly, very low VOC and easy to clean up once your project is complete. Being water based, you simply rinse brushes in water and allow to dry.

In 2023, the Mezzie + Frank brand transferred to Gilly's Australia - another Australian made and owned brand, with over 40 years in the business. Still family owned, with family values, Mezzie + Frank enters a promising, colourful new chapter.