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Paint by Nature

  • Low VOC

    Very low VOC paint, below 10g p/L ensures healthier air quality

  • Australian Made

    Manufactured by experts, supporting local industry

  • Premium Paint

    Extensive testing and use of quality materials, for superior performance

  • Beautiful Colours

    Each mixed in dedicated batches, for better control & accuracy

  • Easy Prep

    Little need for a primer, our paint will adhere to just about anything!

  • Easy Clean Up

    Water based paint, for safe and easy clean up with soap and water

  • Sustainable

    Created thoughtfully, for upcycling and renewing furniture

  • Non-Toxic

    Safe to use around the home - get a little dirty with us!

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3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Pick a colour + grab a brush. 1-2 coats will generally do. Prep piece if required.

Step 2
Distress or apply effects finishes if desired (optional). Seal with Hardy Clear Coat or Gilly's Carnauba Polish.

Step 3
Pour a glass. Sit back and enjoy!

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