Dusty Flamingo Vintage

Mel (photo, left) has been a creative all her life. She loves colour, old furniture and above all, working with her baby sister. Values of sustainability are important to Mel. She feels proud knowing that she’s saving unloved pieces of furniture from landfill and making them beautiful for someone else to love.

Katie (photo, right) has always had a passion for beautiful interior design. As a keen runner, she was devastated in 2019 when illness stopped her from running. Her energy needed to be redirected and Dusty Flamingo was born. What began as a fun hobby quickly turned in to an obsession. Katie is passionate about making old furniture beautiful and keeping it out of landfill.

Together, they are two sisters who love to transform old, used pieces of furniture to gorgeous ones and find new homes for them.

Address: Online/via appointment - The Ponds NSW 2769

Ph: 0437 200 475



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