Big Bubble

Big Bubble was established in early 1981 by Peter Howard, a chemical engineer. He worked around the world in the chemical industry, formulating and designing domestic and industrial cleaning agents for various industries.

Over the years he became very disappointed with the amount of wastage; both of the containers used for detergents and also in the manufacturing of cleaning agents. So, in 1981 he decided to start his own chemical factory, Midland Chemicals. He designed this factory to significantly decrease the amount of pollutants and waste in the manufacturing of detergents and cleaning agents. He achieved great success formulating these products without testing on animals and they carry 'Choose Cruelty Free' approval.

Following his success in manufacturing environmentally friendly products, he opened his first “Big Bubble” retail store in late 1981 in Midland, whilst offering to refill the product containers, which continues today. Big Bubble is still owned and operated by Peter's family and is now located at 18 Elliott Street Midvale. The store expanded into an emporium, carrying a wide range of retail lines including cleaning chemicals, homebrew supplies, cake decorating supplies, craft supplies, pool/spa products/servicing and more! Please explore our website to discover how we can help you. Hope to see you soon :)

Address: 18 Elliott St, Midvale WA 6056
Ph: 08 9274 1992


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